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PL Perspectives

Perspectives on computing and technology from and for those with an interest in programming languages.

I’m very pleased to announce that Todd Millstein has joined PL Perspectives as my co-Editor. I asked Todd to say a few words about himself.

I’m a Professor and Vice Chair for Graduate Studies in the Computer Science Department at the University of California, Los Angeles. My research interests are broadly in programming languages and software verification. Currently my research is focused on core challenges for automated verification as well as applications of PL technology to computer networks and to probabilistic programming. I’m excited to join this effort to educate one another and the broader community about the power of programming language ideas.

I first got to know Todd when we were both graduate students, and I have kept up with him at conferences and followed his work with interest ever since. He is a fantastic communicator and has produced a broad range of results, from core ideas in semantics and analysis, to language design, to a variety of interesting applications, most recently of software verification to networks. He has some great ideas for how PL Perspectives can expand its coverage and impact. Stay tuned!

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