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What is PL Perspectives?

PL Perspectives is the blog of ACM SIGPLAN, the Special Interest Group on Programming Languages. SIGPLAN’s members are interested in programming language concepts and tools, focusing on topics of PL design, implementation, practice, and theory, or the application of PL ideas and techniques to other areas.

PL Perspectives hosts both technical and non-technical blog posts. Technical posts aim to inform those inside the SIGPLAN community, and those with similar interests, about new or emerging developments in research or practice. Posts may also address issues relevant to the PL community, e.g., regarding conferences or publication practices and policies.

How are PL Perspectives posts chosen?

The co-editors of PL Perspectives solicit articles and accept proposals for articles. Please see the author guidelines for more information.

Community discussion

PL Perspectives supports per-post comments (using DisQus) to facilitate community discussion. Comments are not moderated when submitted, but may be deleted at the discretion of the site maintainers, for any reason. Importantly, SIGPLAN aims to be an open and inclusive community and has a code of conduct. Commentary that is deemed to violate the code of conduct will not be tolerated.


If you have further questions, please feel free to contact the editors.