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PL Perspectives

Perspectives on computing and technology from and for those with an interest in programming languages.

PL Perspectives was launched just about 18 months ago, on Jun 22, 2019, as the blog of the Special Interest Group on Programming Languages (SIGPLAN).

In the time since, we have published 66 posts authored by dozens of PL enthusiasts. These authors include industrial researchers, engineers, students, professors, post-docs, lecturers, and startup company CEOs and CTOs. The topics have been equally varied, covering research topics such as formal verification, gradual typing, program synthesis, static analysis, quantum computing, and AI/ML; non-technical topics such as climate change, the publication process (including open access), and the job search; and interviews with scientists and retrospectives on papers and conferences.

What will the next 18 months look like?

We will surely continue to solicit articles from talented and diverse writers who make up the PL community, and adjacent communities besides.

But we also hope to receive more offered contributions from you. Several posts we published were offered by readers, and they are among the most popular on the blog. Maybe the next could be yours!

If you have an idea for a post, or series of posts, please share the idea via the request for contributions box. Include in your request:

  1. Your idea (in a sentence or three)
  2. What material you will draw on to write it (e.g., a class you teach, a paper you wrote, work you’ve done)
  3. Links to writing samples, if at all possible, to demonstrate past experience.

We are happy to re-publish prior work (with attribution to the original), likely with adjustment to the PL Perspectives audience. We have done this on several occasions (e.g., James Bornholt’s Building your first program synthesizer post and Lindsey Kuper’s My First Fifteen Compilers post).

Feel free to also nominate topics that you’d like to read more about, and ideally suggest potential writers for those posts. Do this via the comments below, via the suggestion box, or via direct message.

Thanks for your contributions!

Disclaimer: These posts are written by individual contributors to share their thoughts on the SIGPLAN blog for the benefit of the community. Any views or opinions represented in this blog are personal, belong solely to the blog author and do not represent those of ACM SIGPLAN or its parent organization, ACM.