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PL Perspectives

Perspectives on computing and technology from and for those with an interest in programming languages.

Today we continue our reprise of past interviews of programming languages researchers.

After the success of Jean Yang’s interviews, People of Programming Languages, released in conjunction with POPL 2018, Brandon Lucia and Minjia Zhang carried out and compiled a set of interviews entitled People of Language Design and Implementation. They were released in conjunction with PLDI 2019. Those interviewed represented an interesting cross-section of those who have published at PLDI, focusing on those active in the last five years while aiming to vary level of seniority and methodological focus (from theory to empirical practice). Here’s the list:

On the site itself, Brandon and Minjia also discuss the process by which interviews were selected and carried out.

The interviews are captivating. You can read about the twists and turns in the varied lives of both veterans and up-and-comers, and take in the wisdom and ideas they have to offer. Enjoy!

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