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PL Perspectives

Perspectives on computing and technology from and for those with an interest in programming languages.

This blog will soon start to conduct and publish interviews with programming languages researchers and implementers. We will talk to a diverse group of people doing a variety of things in a variety of settings.

As a teaser for what’s to come, in this post I’d like to call your attention to the series of interviews carried out in 2018 by Jean Yang, in conjunction with that year’s POPL. It’s called People of Programming Languages. This site has interviews with an interesting cross-section of the POPL community: Active, senior researchers who have been publishing at POPL for decades; researchers publishing prolifically at POPL for the past ten years; and junior students and post-docs just getting started. Here’s the list:

In addition to the interviews themselves, the site includes Jean’s explanation of how the project got off the ground.

The interviews are insightful, inspirational, and a lot of fun. Researchers are real people, too! The great research is the end product, but the motivations and methods are also worth knowing. Thanks to Jean and all of her subjects for taking the time to archive their stories. There is much we can learn from each other. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: These posts are written by individual contributors to share their thoughts on the SIGPLAN blog for the benefit of the community. Any views or opinions represented in this blog are personal, belong solely to the blog author and do not represent those of ACM SIGPLAN or its parent organization, ACM.